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Gel Products

Zilactin® Early Relief Cold Sore Gel is of use at the first appearance of a cold sore or fever blister outside the mouth, while Zilactin®-B 6 Hour Canker and Sore Mouth Relief is of use to relieve the pain of sores inside the mouth.

Zilactin® gel products should only be used by adults and children over 2 years of age. Users should dry the affected area before application, and then apply a thin coat of gel with a cotton swab or a clean finger. Allow the gel to dry for 30-60 seconds before resuming normal eating and drinking. Repeat up to 4 times daily as required.

Medicated Swabs

Zilactin® Tooth and Gum Instant Pain Reliever is a maximum strength anesthetic made to relieve throbbing oral pain. To use, remove swabs from their packaging by opening their foil bag. Grasp the swab by its handle and lift it from the opened foil. Apply the medicated swab directly onto the affected area. Hold the swab in place for at least 30 seconds before discarding.

Safe Use of Zilactin®

An adult should supervise all children under the age of 12 who use Zilactin®. Children under 2 years should not use this product. Users with any concerns should consult a physician or dentist. Do not continue to use Zilactin® for more than 7 days unless directed by a physician or dentist. Those with a history of allergy to local anesthetics such as procaine, butacaine or other "caine" anesthetics should not use this product. Avoid contact with the eyes and do not exceed stated dosage for each product. Store at room temperature.

Side Effects

Serious side effects of Zilactin® include:
• headaches, feeling tired, and experiencing confusion;
• a fast heart rate; feeling light headed or short of breath; and
• a pale, blue or grey appearance of the skin, lips or fingernails.
These are rare but serious side effects: get emergency help immediately.

If a user experiences the following symptoms he or she should stop using Zilactin® and speak to his or her doctor:
• severe burning, stinging or sensitivity where the medicine is applied;
• swelling, warmth or redness; or
• oozing, blistering or any signs of infection.

Less serious side effects of Zilactin® may include:
• the presence of dry white flakes in the area where the medicine was applied;
• skin tenderness and redness; or
• a mild stinging, itching or burning sensation on application.

Other documented side effects have included:
• Dermatitis: inflammation of the skin.
• Uticaria: a pale red rash, often called 'hives'.
• Edema: abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin.
• Angiodema: swelling of the membranes in the mouth, throat and tongue; 'hives' may also be present.
• Methemoglobinemia: a disorder of the blood where hemoglobin's ability to release oxygen to body tissues is reduced.

Active Ingredients

Zilactin® Early Relief Cold Sore Gel: Benzyl Alcohol 10%
Zilactin®-B 6 Hour Canker and Mouth Sore Relief: Benzocaine 10%
Zilactin® Tooth and Gum Instant Pain Reliever: Benzocaine 20%


Blairex Laboratories Inc. are an Indiana-based health care company that manufactures and sells many over the counter brands such as Encare®, Sleepinal®, Pertussin® and Zilactin®. In addition they produce sterile saline solution products such as Broncho Saline® and Wound Wash Saline®. A new line of homeopathic medicine, Simply Saline®, was launched in 2007. Blairex Laboratories Inc. Has a Facebook Community Page (55 Likes, 1 share).


Zilactin® Early Relief Cold Sore Gel (0.25oz) - US$6.15 from
Zilactin®-B 6 Hour Canker and Mouth Sore Relief (0.25oz) - US$8.99
Zilactin® Tooth and Gum Instant Pain Reliever (8.0 ea.) - US$6.49


Customer reviews for all three Zilactin® products are generally very positive.




Buy from


Zilactin® is an anesthetic medicine used to temporarily relieve the pain of toothache, canker sores, cold sores, fever blisters and minor dental procedures. It is available for use as a topical gel or as medicated swabs that can be applied directly to the affected area.

How It Works

Anesthetic products such as Zilactin® cause a reduction in pain sensation and/or numbness of the skin
by altering the signal conduction of the sensory nerves that supply the affected area. The Zilactin® blocks the sodium (Na) channels that transmit pain signals along nerve cells to the brain.

If the membrane of the post synaptic neuron has been sufficiently blocked, it will not depolarize and will therefore not transmit an electric impulse to the brain. This prevents the transmission of pain signals by blocking them before they begin. In this case, Zilactin® prevents the signals of pain from mouth ulcers and cold sores by numbing the affected area for 4-6 hours at a time.

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