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Zicam Review

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In general, Zicam gel should be placed over cold sores. The area of the cold sores should first be cleaned and dried thoroughly.

Active Ingredients

Zicam contains zinc gluconate and zinc aceticum, both of which work to disable viruses on the surface of the skin. Zinc, in general, has long been used in homeopathic remedies to treat cold sores. Zinc also has soothing properties, which can help ease the discomfort, itching, and pain associated with cold sores. Zicam should remove cold sores within a couple of days.


Matrixx Initiatives Incorporated is the company behind Zicam, and its subsidiary, Zicam LLC, is fully responsible for Zicam.


A package of
10 Zicam gel swabs will cost between $14-18, depending on where it is purchased. This price does not include discounts, sales, fees, or taxes that might be specific to certain states, countries, or websites.


Zicam Nasal gel was the subject of a lawsuit following complaints by consumers that zinc gluconate had also
removed their sense of smell. Zinc gluconate was working against the nasal cavity and not the skin surface, which means that topically-applied Zicam is not part of the lawsuit. Zicam has been widely covered online, and emails have been spreading regarding the supposed dangers of Zicam. However, most of these emails are misleading, as they implicate all products in the Zicam line.

The U.S. FDA warns against using the intranasal gel, but the gel swab can still be used and recommended to treat cold sores. Because of these much publicized warnings, the
Zicam nasal gel was withdrawn from the market. The product recall involves Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel, Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs, and the kids' Zicam Cold Remedy Swabs. These products are all used in the nasal cavity, and are not topical, unlike the Zicam gel swabs. Zicam also has a line of products that do not contain zinc.


Although sales went down because of the lawsuit, as well as emails that circulated regarding the supposed dangers of Zicam,
reviews of the gel swabs have been positive. Reviewers claim that it is effective against cold sores, and that it works fast to relieve the pain and irritation of cold sores. Some reviewers also like how Zicam is relatively inexpensive, but with the same effects as other tablets and creams.


Zicam has it own Facebook page, where it has over 82,000 likes. Zicam is also on Google Plus, as Zicam Shorten Your Cold. Zicam has an Instagram account with over 30 followers.

Zicam Cold Sore Gel Swabs



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Cold sore medications have flooded the market, but are they as effective as they are being marketed? One such product is Zicam, which has been out on the market for a while, and which has been enjoying wide press coverage. But how effective and safe is Zicam? Why was it recalled?


Zicam describes a line of products that is meant to remove cold sores, relieve the pain associated with them, and treat the effects of the common cold. Zicam is commercially available in various forms, with the gel swabs being the most popular, and the nasal spray being the most infamous because of
lawsuits against the producers of Zicam. Nevertheless, Zicam remains on the market.


Zicam comes in various forms, including gel swabs for cold sores and nasal spray (colds). Zicam also has lozenges, chewables, dissolvables, and nasal mists as part of its line of products to combat the common cold.

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