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Vygone Inhibitor Zapper

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According to its official website, the VyGone Cold Sore Zapper will work against Herpes simplex, which causes cold sores; as well as the viruses that cause shingles and genital herpes. In addition to putting viruses to sleep, the VyGone Cold Sore Zapper can also treat skin disorders that are directly or indirectly caused by Herpes viruses, which might include warts and some moles.

The manufacturers promise that the VyGone Cold Sore Zapper is safe to use, although people who use it should expect a slight tingling sensation when they first press the button on the zapper.


The Beta Marketing Group is listed as the VyGone Cold Sore Zapper maker and marketer. The Beta Marketing Group is based in Utah. The company has official social profiles on Twitter and Facebook, as well as some press releases regarding the VyGone Cold Sore Zapper, all of which have been released by the Beta Marketing Group.

Effectiveness Against Cold Sores

The VyGone Cold Sore Zapper is listed as safe because it does not use any artificial or potentially addictive chemicals. There are, to date, no reported side effects. According to reviews posted on the official website of the product, customers have positive feedback about the product and say that it works fast and completely. The product is also easy to use, say reviewers: the probes are placed around the area of a cleaned and washed sore; the user presses a button to start the machine working; and the zapper stops when the skin starts building up moisture.

Clinical studies posted on the site say that VyGone Cold Sore Zapper has an 86% overall clinical rating, as tested by dentists.


There are now two VyGone Cold Sore Zapper types available on the official website of the product. VyGone Plus sells for $139.95 plus shipping. On the other hand, VyGone Pro sells for $159.95, and promises to have longer battery life while giving more powerful treatments.

Where to Buy

The VyGone Cold Sore Zapper is available on its official website. The website promises big discounts of up to $120 in savings on the product.

Vygone Cold Sore Inhibitor Zapper


Vygone Inhibitor Zapper



There are many cold sore creams and ointments available on the market, but did you know that there are also gadgets that promise to remove cold sores? The VyGone Cold Sore Zapper is one such gadget - but is it safe to use, and does it work?

What Is It?

The VyGone Cold Sore Zapper promises to cure cold sores by sending a pulse of beta waveforms through the skin. These waveforms are created between two probes in the zapper, and can be used to cure viral infections elsewhere on the body.

How Does it Work?

The VyGone Cold Sore Zapper works by using electronic waves to stop viruses from replicating. The VyGone Cold Sore Zapper does not kill the Herpes virus entirely, but it puts the virus in a resting state and keeps it from growing and producing more viruses.  The VyGone Cold Sore Zapper, therefore, buys the body some time for the immune system to start working and targeting the viruses. This extra time gives the immune system time to kill the virus as well as to repair the skin cells that the virus has damaged.

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