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Orajel Single Dose

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Active Ingredient

Orajel Single Dose contains benzalkonium chloride, which has been shown in clinical studies to relieve the pain associated with cold sores, reduce inflammation, and facilitate the removal of cold sores. In addition to benzalkonium chloride as its main thereapeutic, Orajel Single Dose also has benzocaine. Benzocaine is a topical anesthetic, which, in the case of Orajel Single Dose, numbs the skin and eases the pain of the cold sore.


Church & Dwight UK Ltd manufactures Orajel, and is based in Kent, in the United Kingdom. The company even hosts its own "academy", where people can learn more about their products and find out about how Orajel works.

Church & Dwight UK Ltd was recently under fire when it was found that their line of baby care products, Orajel Baby, caused babies to stop breathing and turn blue. This line of baby care products helped ease the pain of teething, but the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has since recalled the product. The Orajel Cold Sore treatment creams have posed no danger so far.


According to the Orajel official website, Orajel Single Dose can provide maximum pain relief from cold sores. The Orajel Single Dose liquid can also treat fever sores.


The combination of active ingredients in Orajel Single Dose should numb the skin, penetrate the skin tissues to get to the viruses, kill the viruses, and wipe out the cold sore. Reviews so far of Orajel Single Dose have been good. Some users claim that their cold sores were gone in a day or two, and others reported instant pain relief from their cold sores upon a single application.

Some reviewers also received free samples of Orajel Single Dose, and reported that they would buy the product if they needed to cure their cold sores. Some reviewers also reported that Orajel Single Dose worked well whether it was winter or summer.


Orajel Single Dose retails as a pack of two applicators. The makers of Orajel recommend only one application, but the other applicator is sold just in case the cold sore recurs. This package will cost approximately $19.99.

Where To Buy

Orajel Single Dose will soon be available in major U.S. retailers such as Kmart, Target, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Safeway, SuperValu, and ShopRite. You can also buy it online at Amazon.

Orajel Single Dose Review


Orajel Single Dose


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Cold sores are caused by viruses, and often, cold sore treatments require multiple applications in order to work. However, newer products such as Orajel require only a single dose and one application in order to completely remove the pain and inflammation associated with cold sores. But how good is Orajel and is it worth its price?

What Is It?

The Orajel line of cold sore treatments has been around for a while, and the most popular could well be Orajel Single Dose. Orajel Single Dose is a liquid form of the Orajel line of therapeutics. It uses a special applicator that does not require touching the cold sore with one's fingers, keeping the application safe and hygienic.

Other Orajel therapeutics include the Orajel Mouth Sore Gel, which treats a wider variety of mouth sores, including gum irritation and canker sores. Orajel Single Dose is the latest product in the Orajel line.

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