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Orajel Ingredients

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Benzocaine is a popular ingredient that is normally used in a number of over-the-counter medications. Primarily, Benzocaine can be used to manage pain and itching that can be caused by minor burns including sunburns. This is also used to manage insect bites, poison oak, poison sumac, scratches and minor cuts. As a medical ingredient, this belongs to the category of medicines referred to as topical local anesthetics.

Benzocaine works by deadening the nerve endings found in the skin of the person. Generally, this medical ingredient will not promote unconsciousness, compared with general anesthetic tapped for surgery that can make the patient unconscious. This is a popular medical ingredient consumers can access this without the need for prescriptions. There will be times though that the attending doctors will come up with special precautions and instructions on how to use and the right dosage of this medication.

Side Effects

Benzocaine has been researched and tested in the field and has been found to be effective. Some households have been using medications and products that contain this active ingredient. But during the last few years, there have been some concerns raised against the use of Benzocaine. One notable alert has been raised by Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

FDA Warning

The FDA argues that the use of Benzocaine liquids and gels for gum and mouth pain can cause a rare and fatal health issue called methemoglobinemia. This is a disorder that normally happens in children when the amount of oxygen that flows into the blood stream is reduced. The FDA signaled in the alarm in 2006, and through the years it has recorded a number of cases.


The warning was re-issued by the FDA in April 2011 primarily to inform consumers about the dangers of Benzocaine on children. Since children are at risk, the FDA recommends that consumers should not use products with Benzocaine on children 2 years or younger. There are some danger signs to watch out for including paleness of breath, fatigue, headache and confusion. Individuals are advised to get medical help or call 911.

Orajel Single Dose

Orajel Single Dose is one solution that can be used against cold sores.  Bezalkonium Chloride is one major ingredient found in Orajel that can help manage the cold sores. This is one of two active ingredients. Benzalkonium chloride constitutes 0.13 percent of the whole product formulation.

Orajel Single Dose Review


Orajel Single Dose


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Orajel is a brand name for a collection of dental-related products that can work for adults and children. The Orajel products are made to help adults and kids manage their oral health through a collection of teeth-whitening and other oral care products.

Some of the products under the Orajel brand name can be used to fight off canker sores, cold sores and dry mouth.  The brand also carries a line of products that can help children start on their oral hygiene.

A popular product that is carried by the site is the teething tablet and gel for babies. This particular product is just one of the many products that are considered safe and effective. The ingredients for the teething gel are sourced naturally. In the website listing for its products, the manufacturer explains that the product is Benzocaine-free, Belladonna-free, dye-free and Paraben-free. However, the following article describes some of the ingredients in the remainder of tthr Orajel range of which you should be aware.

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