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Dynamiclear Rapid

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Active Ingredients

Each gram of the Dynamiclear Rapid liquid gel contains cupric sulfate pentahydrate (copper sulfate), flower extract liquid from Hypericum perforatum (St John’s Wort), and flower extract liquid from Calendula officinalis (pot marigold). The active ingredients can sting as they are applied, since they get to the region in the sore where the viruses are. These ingredients also work together to add moisture to the skin in order to facilitate healing.

Who Makes It

Dynamiclear Rapid is made in Australia by Dynamiclear, which is based in Mareeba, Queensland. It has not been tested on animals and also has no animal products. It is part of the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

How To Use It

Dynamiclear Rapid is a liquid treatment that is designed to remove cold sores with just a single application, as opposed to other cold sore creams that take days and multiple applications to work. To apply, users should push a cotton bud into the Dynamiclear Rapid vial. Users should then lay the cotton bud over the sores and slide the vial up. Users should then apply pressure for around half a minute to the sores. The vial should not be reapplied, and Dynamiclear Rapid should be used only once on a cold sore.


According to the Dynamiclear Rapid website, the cold sore cream should remove the redness, inflammation, and swelling associated with cold sores. It should also take out the stinging and burning sensation brought about by cold sores, and the aches and pains that are brought by cold sores. According to clinical studies, the cold sores disappear faster especially with the use of the hygienic applicator. Dynamiclear Rapid should not be used by those with copper allergies.

Reviews so far have been positive. Users like how Dynamiclear Rapid does live up to its promise of working fast on cold sores. Some users even mentioned how applying Dynamiclear Rapid just once made the cold sores barely visible within hours.


Dynamiclear Rapid is packed in a twin pack, enough for two applications. It retails for the suggested price of AU$17.88.

Where To Buy

You can buy Dynamiclear Rapid in Australian pharmacies. You can also find Dynamiclear Rapid online at various Australia-based merchants. Dynamiclear Rapid is available Australia wide from leading pharmacies.

Dynamiclear Rapid


Dynamiclear Rapid


Dynamiclear Rapid is a cold sore liquid gel treatment that promises to remove cold sores with as little effort on the part of the sufferer as possible. With a single application of less than half a minute, the product promises, the cold sores can be gone. This single hygienic application allows Dynamiclear Rapid to work quickly and relieve the pain and heat of cold sores.

What Is It?

Dynamiclear Rapid is a liquid gel treatment that is manufactured in Australia, and was created to remove cold sores. Clinical tests show that cold sores heal faster with application of Dynamiclear Rapid. The liquid gel treatment is available in a vial, and can be applied using a cotton tip inserted into the vial. The vial can then be thrown away after one use. Once Dynamiclear Rapid is applied, the cold sores can turn green or blue. This is a sign that the cold sores are healing.

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