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Abreva Review

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Abreva should be applied over the area of a cold sore using the applicator provided. The area should first be cleaned and then dried thoroughly. Abreva can be applied once a day at the first appearance of cold sores. Abreva should not be ingested.
Side effects can include mild headaches upon ingestion. Side effects of use can include skin irritation or allergies.

Active Ingredients

Docosanol is the active ingredient in Abreva. Docosanol is not an anti-viral compound. It is used in industry as a thickening agent, but it also has special properties that make it prevent attachment of the herpes virus to skin cells. Without the ability to attach to skin cells, the Herpes simplex virus Type 1, the causative agent of cold sores, will not have access to nutrients and a habitat that would otherwise allow the virus too proliferate and attack skin cells. In this manner Docosanol can also slow down the growth of the cold sore by preventing further attachments and attacks by the virus. Abreva also has supporting components that relieve pain and itchiness associated with cold sores.


GlaxoSmithKline, also known as GSK, is behind the making and marketing of Abreva. GSK is a British pharmaceutical multinational company, and has its headquarters in Pennsylvania in the United States. GSK is also behind health and nutrition brands such as Binaca, Advair, and Aquafresh. Aside from its work in over the counter medications, GSK is also involved in vaccine production, the production of basic healthcare necessities such as toothpaste, and skin health through the brand name Stiefel.


Abreva is sold at major pharmacies, retail stores and from Amazon. Depending on where it is purchased, and excluding taxes, fees, or discounts, Abreva will cost around
$14 for a tube with 0.07 oz of the cream.


Reviews about Abreva have been
good. Although some reviewers remark that Abreva is expensive, they believe that the price is worth its effects. Reviewers claim that their cold sores did not last long following application of Abreva. However, some reviewers claim that cold sores that appear in the inside of the mouth do not disappear as fast or at all with application of Abreva. These positive reviews appeared on the websites of major online retailers, such as Amazon.


Abreva also visible online. Its main website is at On Facebook, there are over 8000 likes for the official page. On twitter, the user account, @Abreva, has over 1,100 followers. Abreva can be bought over the counter at all major pharmacies. It can also be purchased online at both pharmacy websites and major online retailers.





Buy from

Cold sore remedies are easy to come by: they can come in pills or ointments, and they are relatively inexpensive. Cold sores are caused by proliferation of herpes viruses, and although herpes viruses cannot be completely removed, the components of cold sore remedies will ease the pain and discomfort associated with them. One popular cold sore remedy is Abreva. How effective is Abreva, and is it safe?


Abreva targets Herpes simplex virus type 1. Abreva is sold as a white cream, which dries clear when it is spread over a cold sore.


Aside from the well-known white cream, other Abreva products include
Abreva conceal, a patch that is not medicated, but which is made from a special material that allows the cold sore to breathe and still be protected from contaminants.

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